Warm Up to Some Sexy Fun This Winter


Even as the weather turns cool, there are still plenty of ways to get hot where it counts. Read on to learn some of the most popular ways to make sure you’re on Santa’s naughty list all the way into the spring.

Can’t Top the Sexy Escort


Thanks to the phone in your back pocket, a very dirty world is only a few taps and text messages away. No matter what kind of woman or what kind of activity turns you on, you can easily find both with extremely effective escort sites that work just like traditional dating apps. Learn all about the lovely models and enjoy their sexy photos, knowing that they are going to look just as good in person.


Of course, it’s not just their beauty you’re after. It definitely helps that you can get along with them at least a bit before the clothes come off. reading their bios on their profile page can tell you if they are the party girl or romantic candlelight wine-sipping sort. And whatever you feel like that night, you can choose. These profiles will also tell you the sort of services they offer, so you can be sure that your particular itch will definitely be scratched. No matter where you are, reading Berlin, Paris or London Escort Reviews will tell you everything you need to know about past client experiences with these women, ensuring that your night will be one to remember. An important tip is to remember to not have your heart (and any other body part) set on one model only since it is possible that she might be unavailable at the time when you are free. That’s why if you have a couple of options ready when you are about to book, you won’t be disappointed.


Game on! In Your Pants!


Sure advances in video games mean you can play all sorts of sports online (whether you’re playing very realistic football or punching and kicking each other in a very unrealistic way), but now you can finally get your rocks off with some multiplayer sex games. This means you can create and design your own in-game avatar (making your character as realistic or over-the-top as you would like) and then walk around and explore a virtual world with other avatars who are there for the same reason: hot sex.


At first, you might scoff at the idea of watching some high quality rendered graphics of xxx-rated content, but considering that your brain is the largest erogenous zone in your body, you will be surprised at how arousing it can really be. Part of the excitement is knowing that you are interacting and conversing (sometimes through voice chat, sometimes through text message) with real people, and the other part is knowing that with virtual characters, you can put yourself into bizarre and impossible situations that could never happen in real life.


A Digital Sex World

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It’s been a lot harder to travel these days, but if you want to get excited about something more exotic, don’t worry. We aren’t going to try and convince you that watching a live sex show on your computer or TV screen is the same thing as being there, but it is a very hot plan B. 


Live sex cams are the newest way to experience sexy situations virtually, so now you can be anywhere in the world and still watch a very sexy show featuring Thai, Spanish or even Utah Escorts. No matter where you are or what time it is, there are live broadcasts set up from these models’ bedrooms, and they will get as dirty as you want them to get.


Not only can you chat with them live, but some of them even have wirelessly operated sex toys that they will use, and that allow you to press a button on your own computer to make it vibrate. It adds a level of intimacy that you would have never expected. And while many of these shows are solo acts, sometimes you will be able to watch when they bring friends into the live stream, so you can watch the two (or three) of them really heat up the cyber world.


Spice it Up With Sex Toys


No matter how well you and your partner are getting on and getting it on, you can always add something between the sheets. There are plenty of BDSM starter kits, which is actually a good way to test the waters to see if going heavy into that world is something you’ll both be interested in. Maybe some fuzzy handcuffs and a riding crop is all you really need, so you didn’t have to invest in that bondage chair and a ball gag.


Some people really enjoy watching others play with themselves, which means that vibrators, dildos, and flesh-lights aren’t just for solo play anymore. And considering how much relationships and work situations are changing these days, having a toy around when your partner isn’t there can be a very useful stress reliever. 


Now, adult dress-up isn’t limited to Halloween, and you can buy sexy costumes that you can wear and role-play all year round. You will definitely find the usual combinations like the sexy nurse/doctor, or the teacher/student, or even the cops and the robber, but there might be even more specific costumes for certain pop culture references, like comic books and tv shows. If you can find it on the internet, you can probably find a naughty version of it!