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Rapture and the West

It is important to note that refutations of abstractions are not done by confronting the abstractions (as most scholars have assumed), but by confronting the concrete examples from which these abstractions arise. Thus the solution to a problem must begin with a problem-solving activity, but to refutation, the problem itself must be refuted before it can be refuted in opposition to some existing doctrine.

Many scholars have assumed that the task is to confront abstractions, or to argue for the existence of some particular thing (perhaps a people) that is opposed to some other particular thing (a theology of the humanity and divinity of Christ). In fact, the task is to reveal the fallacy in the basic abstractions of this theology, by first examining in detail what is meant by humanity and divinity, or human life and salvation.

Refutation is designed to confront concrete material that arises from an abstract principle. Thus, refutation is not an idealistic search for a particular, timeless value, but a process of exposing what concrete, meaningful content an abstract principle might have. It is not a question of denying that there is anything valuable in the abstract principle. But refutation is a refutation of the concrete particular, as it arises in actual life. There might be something in the abstract principle that is in harmony with the concrete, but to actually refute that abstract principle, one must demonstrate that this abstract principle does not in fact have any concrete content.

In other words, the task of refutation is not simply to disprove some vague, abstract idea, but to expose the concrete, real content which the idea has. The concrete, meaningful content of a theological principle that is opposed to a specific concrete and meaningful belief or practice is the intellectual problem which must be exposed and refuted. In The Anti-Climacus Letters, Kierkegaard frequently made the point that to justify an abstract principle, or to argue for the unassailability of an abstract principle, is simply to use the principle to justify the wrong in its concrete application.

The concrete principles that must be exposed in a refutation are those principles that are in conflict with the concrete reality that might be uncovered in the act of a concrete inquiry. Thus the concrete principle of “humanity” is the principle that ignores the possibility that a human being might be self-governing, or that there is a possibility that a human might be saved by his own choice.

Exemplarism in Biblical Hermene


en het haast van zijn plaats te zetten, zelfs al heeft hij soms een beetje de boek. Check out this cheatsheet for some quick highlights of your download options: .[Role of fibrinolytic therapy in peripheral arterial disease].
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Western society. Fibrinolytic agents (fibrinolysis, fibrinogenolysis) in combination with anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy are increasingly used for acute lower limb ischaemia. With increasing evidence, fibrinolysis in combination with abciximab (dupilumab) is established in surgical revascularisation for treatment of critical limb ischaemia. Some small studies have demonstrated a possible benefit of fibrinolysis in claudicant patients or with exertional limb ischaemia.2.11.2010

CCL’s school-inspired BCG

If there’s one thing CCL can do better than to sell sweaters and other clothing, it’s a hot-off-the-press fashion line. And the new 2011 collection for schoolgirl clothing is no exception.

Pretty pink and black lace is the theme, with every outfit sported by a fair young thing in knee socks and a polka dot bow top. It’s not the prettiest, but that’s not the point: this is a fairly professional line that looks like it’s from Anthropologie. No doubt it will be the next big thing in the children’s industry, much like CCL’s chart-topping Lingerie line.

P.S. Remember how CCLers loved the Maki-ato collection last summer? Well, they’ve done it again: the brand now has a design de rigeur for the school-girlish, albeit designed by a fashion designer who is also an 8-year-old girl. Oh, and by the way, the lucky girl is also one of CCL’s spokespeople…”use strict”;

import React from “react”;
import _ from “lodash”;

import Job from “./Job”;
import Task from “./Task”;

export default class ViewMore extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {

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