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Depending on the format you would expect:

8 bit integers
32 bit integers
Floating point numbers

So for 32 bit integers:
>>> list(map(int, data))
[567, 187, 81, 5]
>>> list(map(int, data))
[567, 187, 81, 5]


The reason for this is that data is not a list but an iterator that returns each value.
When you do the following you pull the first three digits out of it:
>>> [int(str(i)[:3]) for i in data]
[567, 187, 81, 5]

If you do the following you get the whole input instead of just the numbers:
>>> list(map(int, data))
[567, 187, 81, 5, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1]

You can also use the ast module to parse it.
>>> import ast
>>> ast.literal_eval(“567187”)
(567, 187, 81, 5)

Dual leishmaniasis in an HIV-infected patient.
Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that involves skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. We present the first case of disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis and visceral leishmaniasis in an HIV-infected patient without any immunosuppressive disease. Leishmaniasis was diagnosed in a patient with AIDS presenting with a 12-year history of disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis on the trunk and extremities and a 6-month history of hepatosplenomegaly. The diagnosis was based on the clinical presentation, epidemiological data, and the presence of Leishmania sp. in the sera and bone marrow aspirate, as well as the identification of parasites in the skin lesions by histology and culture. Amphotericin B was administered and treatment was completed after 12 months.


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After redeploying an app to Heroku, I am only getting 404’s

I’ve created a Rails app and it runs OK on my localhost. I have deployed it to Heroku and everything seems to work fine. It’s a hobby project to see if I can get a little bit into hosting my own apps. However, when I go to I only get 404 pages as listed below:
GET 500 (Not Found)

The page that I want to redirect to:
What am I doing wrong?
rails new myapp
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed
heroku config:add RAILS_ENV=production
heroku create
heroku open


You need to change the login route to start with index, if you have this in your routes.rb
get ‘login’ =>’sessions#new’

You should have
get ‘index’ =>’sessions#new’

Penetrative atraumatic dilatation of the trachea.
To evaluate the efficacy, safety and patient acceptance of a new, non-thermal, mechanical dilatation of the trachea, the efficiency of the attempt was measured in patients with obstructive respiratory disorders. The energy required for air removal was determined under anaesthesia. To evaluate the technical device and the possibilities of using it, the dilatation technique was applied in some healthy volunteers. Both mechanical and thermal dilatation were compared with regard to the capacity for air removal. The final dilatation technique was evaluated clinically. The energy needed to remove air from the airways varied from 0.12 to 7.8 mJ for the three methods. In healthy volunteers only 0.56 mJ were required to achieve 75% of the best capacity. In the patients’ airways 7.4 mJ were needed to dilate a 25 mm-diameter trachea by 80%. Atraumatic dilatation of the trachea is a safe and